Friday, September 07, 2012

Tomatoes and Daisies

Tomorrow my dear husband will be attending the Henry Ford/Greenfield Village Old car show.  So I will be canning tomatoes. 

I checked out the availability of tomatoes in my garden tonight, and I found that I've got well over 100 ripe tomatoes ready to be picked and preserved.

I plan to get an early start. It may be a long day.

I also checked out my front flower beds tonight.  The bindweed is rampant, and I haven't had time to go and pull it.  The flowers look like morning glories but I understand once you have flowers, you will have seeds, and that will be an issue for next year. 

My plan of attack is to dig up all the perennials, especially the Shasta daisies which are so ugly once the flowers have finished blooming.   Then take them to the back forty and either plant them or toss them in a hole.  Then I will pull as much bindweed as possible, then fill in with fresh topsoil and mulch.  Lot of work.

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