Sunday, July 01, 2012

Bright Meadow West

Today I am feeling particularly blessed.  There are black raspberries in the orchard just starting to ripen.  Some are in the shade. and are escaping the effects of the drought that are being suffered by any of the bushes that are in full sun.    I was checking them out, riding the gator through the old orchard, when I surprised a very small fawn. It was so young it did not immediately even try to get up and move.  I was as surprised as the fawn. I didn't even think to reach for the camera, just enjoyed the moment.

Later, I checked out the elderberry bushes to see how they are doing.  It looks like they are just finishing up blooming, and the berries are starting to form!

There were volunteer turnip greens growing in our string bean field that had not yet been disked. I gathered an armload of them and brought them in to clean (triple-wash!) for lunch.  

 After lunch, E disked the bean field.

The temperature outside is over 90, but I am enjoying the air-conditioning inside.

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