Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ed and I, and other Wolcott farm center volunteers,  had a lovely dinner with the park staff on Wednesday.  Fellow volunteers range from teenagers who help out with park events to senior Master Gardeners who maintain the flower beds to the guy, active with a local antique tractor group, who helps with the tractors, to the beekeepers that maintain the hives.. Recognition awards were given to the volunteers with the most hours.   I am glad to be associated with this group of people and hope to increase my involvement this year.  The park is only a few miles down the road and the location is quite convenient for me.

My involvement so far has been limited to a couple of events.  At the spring Fleece Fair, when the farm's sheep are sheared.  I have given demonstration of spinning yarn from the wool.  Schoolkids are generally fascinated by the whirling wheel, girls because of the yarn/fashion aspect, boys often seem to be attracted more to the concept of how the "simple machine" works.  Last Halloween I poured thousands of cups of apple cider for farm visitors.

This year's schedule is posted on the park's website

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