Sunday, September 18, 2011

Duck Love Story, a sequel

The two week deadline we gave the neighbor to keep his poultry on his own property had expired on Monday last week.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, the six ducks were still making daily trips to our pond. 

We were plotting how we would "contain" the ducks in a crate on Thursday night and call the county Animal Control on Friday morning, but, surprisingly, the ducks stayed home on Thursday!  Evidently the neighbor did make the fence around his poultry yard higher, as he said he would.  We were pleasantly surprised, and relieved that the situation was resolved amicably.

But on Friday, one duck, and only one, came back.

 He (at least I think he is a he) seemed a bit confused that he was alone, he didn't wander around eating bugs in the yard, but merely stood next to the pond.  On Saturday, he was joined by a wild female mallard. He did not leave the next morning to go home, as had been the habit of the group of six ducks that had been visiting every day, but instead both of them swam around the pond and stood around looking at each other.

We're not feeding either of them. They must be living on love.  This week on Wednesday morning I was eating my breakfast and was sure I heard quacking outside my kitchen window.  I went to the door and looked out, and sure enough, he was heading toward home, possibly to score a meal of grain?  The mallard was not with him.   By Wednesday evening after we returned from work, he was back at the pond. Later that evening, while we were feeding the fish, he suddenly shot up into the air and flew about 30 or 40 feet!  Not very high, but flying, nonetheless!

We've never seen these domestic ducks fly before.  I think the mallard must be giving him lessons, as we see her flying around quite frequently.  Now that is true love!


Telly C. said...

Awww, how cute! It looks like love is in the air and breaking barriers for those two ducks :)

Flat Creek Farm said...

I did something I don't usually do - hit 'next' at the top.. and came upon your blog. I enjoyed my visit, and reading about the ducks! (I wouldn't trade you neighbors though --hehe!). -Tammy

Kristen said...

I'll have to scroll back and catch the beginning of the duck saga! Hello from Kristen over at the Farmgirl Connection, and thanks again for the lovely welcome there. :)

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