Monday, July 18, 2011


With the move of our household and new job, I have definitely been neglecting my blog. Last year I didn't even have a successful garden, I planted zucchini and only harvested about 3, so you know I didn't put much effort into it. The existing thistles multiplied instead of divided and I was really discouraged. Moving to an area where there are so many farm markets (NOT farmer's markets, there is a slight difference) makes the situation VERY competitive.

Because I realized I have become too obsessed with Julie Bass and not paying enough attention to my own business, I have been thinking I need to reassess and update MY OWN blog.

There are a number of things on my mind about that I could, and should, be blogging about:

1. Farm markets vs. Farmer's markets!
2. Duck wars
3. Bee poop (this is a hilarious/sad situation)
4. This year's vegetable garden
5. Flowers - nasty old daisies
6. Robins dive-bombing my front porch
7. Front porch furnishings
8. Hummingbird feeder styles and replacement parts
9. Antique Bean Cleaners
10. antique tractors
11. Fencing
12. best way to clear poison ivy and grapevine
13. Deer
14. Marketing
15. Kildeer nests
16. Neighbors and being a neighbor
17. Fall cool-weather crops
18. Climate change?
19. Michigan environmentally verified status
20. Tax assessor

I will try to cover these topics soon (not necessarily in order!)

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