Sunday, July 24, 2011

Is growing food for yourself and your neighbors a basic human right?
Apparently we are losing it.

Dollarhite family in Nixa, MO - fined by USDA for unlicensed rabbits

Julie Bass in Oak Park, MI - local city officials charge with misdemeanor for vegetable garden and unlicensed dogs

Dirk Becker and Nicole Shaw in Lantzville, British Columbia - Vancouver officials ordered them to remove their compost pile from their 1-acre farm/farm market, or face six months in jail.

I think the world is going crazy. Where do people think food comes from?

The thing that these people all have in common is that they are growing food on their OWN property, and the government steps in with ridiculously heavy penalties.

Meanwhile I read about urban farms in inner cities springing up on vacant land, whether by individuals like this lady.

or organizations like this one

They don't even own the land!

Am I wrong, or is there something crazy going on here?

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