Friday, January 16, 2009

Can this greenhouse be saved?

Last week we had a heavy, wet snow, and my greenhouse roof wasn't capable of supporting the snow load. DH went out a few days ago and knocked all the snow off, and although it looked better, he reported that the fiberglass rods were splintered and would have to be replaced if I intend to use the greenhouse next year. I suggested collapsible fiberglass tent poles but he thought I would be better off using fiberglass rods from an industrial hardware supply house like Grainger or MSC.

We had a light snow yesterday, but now even that light snow is bending down the top of the house, this picture was taken a few moments ago. I am NOT going out to do anything about it - it is minus 12 degrees today here in North Central Ohio. Good day for sitting by the wood stove and looking at garden catalogs.

Speaking of catalogs, I have been receiving a few new ones this year. One from John Scheepers "Kitchen Garden Seeds" and another from Spray-N-Grow, in addition to all the ones I mentioned on my post last year and the update. I also got a catalog from Nourse Farms, which was highly recommended by our local Extension agent. I ordered blueberry plants from them last year for this year's planting, I plan to put them in our acid soil at the farm.

1 comment:

Tina- said...

yikes. hope you can salvage it.

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