Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Last night DH borrowed the neighbor's backhoe tractor and took 5 loads of compost from the compost pile to my garden. He "mushed" up the rest of the compost pile, and made room to dump this year's leaves in a bare spot. Hopefully we'll be able to alternate year-to-year from now on. There are a lot of big branches in the pile, probably we'll have to eventually pull some of these out.

I moved the greenhouse from its place by the house into the garden to cover up a few of my pepper plants that MIGHT be saved from frost. Still hoping for a few more harvests. The plus side is that there are a few Swiss Chard plants left that are now inside the greenhouse- the deer won't be able to get to them.

I still have flowerpots, shelving and tools outside, need to find a home for them VERY SOON. It's frustrating to come home from work just in time to fix dinner and have it be dark before dinner is even ready. In a few more weeks it will probably be dark before we even get home from work!

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