Saturday, June 21, 2008

At the farm

I GOT A GATOR!!!! DH spotted it on Craigslist, it was close to our house, it was in our price range, it worked, and we bought it! It's supposed to be my toy - but DH has been tinkering with it ever since we got it. We borrowed the neighbors' trailer and brought it to the farm this weekend. So much better than riding on the axle of the tractor and balancing on the fender when we both want to go look at something together.

We got in too late last night to see how our crops are doing, but this morning before breakfast, we tumbled out of bed and rode out to look at our crops. The corn is about six inches high, the beans are too, and the pumpkins have about 3 sets of true leaves. Some of the sweet corn, especially where it is planted in the "low low" which is near a swampy area, has red leaves. The same variety on higher ground has paler green leaves. Weird! I don't see that the red leaves are necessarily a symptom of disease, and the plant appears healthy. The Indian corn looks especially good, the rest of the corn looks like it could do with a shot of fertilizer. The pumpkins probably need fertilizer too. I don't see any evidence of the perennial seeds I planted, or the zinnias. Maybe they need more rain than we've had so far up here. It has been three weeks since I planted them, so who knows?

While DH was out cultivating the corn, I spent some time this morning picking up fallen wood out of the orchard to make it easier to mow. I loaded it into the back of the Gator and dumped it off near the silo - we'll use it for the bonfire at the family reunion.

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