Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Garden in....

Memorial Day weekend! Past the last frost date, finally. I pulled the black fabric over the garden and pinned it down, then transplanted tomatoes, lettuce and zucchini. If I remember correctly, by this time last year my lettuce was much bigger, but then I planted it out earlier into the garden. The tomato plants were also smallish, only 1 or 2 sets of true leaves, but I'm going on the theory that they will catch up with the heat in June, and will suffer less transplant shock than a larger plant would.

I planted three each of about 8 varieties, which means I have lots of tomato plants left. I am going to find places around the house to tuck them into corners, so I'll have an edible landscape.

I'm a little concerned about the warmer temperatures, with outside temps over 85, it's possible the temperature in the greenhouse will be over 100 again.

Spent some time with the Crawford County Master Gardeners on Saturday planting a plot in front of the veteran's memorial near the courthouse. We planted red, white and blue petunias (well, really to be honest, they were purple, yellow and red) and talked about some other options for the back side of the monument stone. The conditions are half shade, half sun and very dry, well-drained, sandy soil with a high pH. Some of the options discussed were Zinnia and vinca minor. After I got home I remembered my bachelor's buttons, which should do well in the same conditions and are also red, white and blue!

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