Friday, May 30, 2008

At the farm

We spent the week at the farm. DH miscalculated slightly and plowed and tilled a few more acres than we needed for the sweet corn that we had. He planted Cloud Nine, Illinois X-tra Sweet, Early Xtra-Sweet, Northern, Xtra-Sweet, Xtra-Tender, and an experimental variety we were sent by Vermont Bean Seed. We also had a little package of Indian corn so he planted it too.

Since we had available tilled field, I had him plant all my bush bean seed here, then went and bought extra bush bean seed. I also got 20-cent packages of cactus zinnias and perennials and planted a bunch of them, also a row of sugar/pie pumpkins.

He ran out of fertilizer slightly before finishing the beans, so the flowers and the pumpkins will have to be fertilized as needed later during the year.

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