Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Give us this day our daily bread

If we all took this simple line from the Lord's prayer more seriously, think what a difference we would make in global warming!

It is so basic, so elemental, so SIMPLE - only use as much as we need for today.

This concept came home to me the year I lived in Spain - the people shopped each day for that day's needs. (they used string bags to carry their food home from the market, not plastic bags, and they only needed ONE because they were only shopping for one day's, or one meal's, food.)

Although each home had a refrigerator, it was often unplugged because there wasn't much in it!

They walked everywhere they went, most people did not have cars. Of necessity that meant that the people lived close enough to the shops and markets that it was easy to bring things home.

Contrast that lifestyle with ours - megastores where you walk a mile from the parking lot, buy a month's worth of food (or sometime a year's worth in the warehouse stores) - how much do we throw away because it spoils before we can use it?

So, we are using fuel to ship produce from far away, fuel to bring it home, fuel to freeze or refrigerate it, then we throw it in the landfill when it spoils.

Happy earth day!

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