Saturday, January 12, 2008

Unusual weather

We've had quite a warm spell this January. I've been thinking about going out and planting lettuce seeds as temperatures have been in the high 30's, but expect snow again tomorrow.

Among other projects, I've been cleaning out my craft rooms in the basement and the guest bedroom. Not making a lot of progress as I keep finding interesting things that I get wrapped up in.

Today I sorted magazines that were spilled all over the extra guest room. Bought an under-bed storage plastic tub, but found out today it didn't really fit under any of our beds. Bummer.
I went ahead and lifted up the edge of the closest one and put in underneath anyway. Hopefully the guests won't complain!

I also have discovered the International Aztek Fan Club. The wild thing is, the annual rally has been held 20 miles from my home for the last two years (in Loudonville, Ohio) and I never knew anything about it! I love my Aztek, it is a perfect vehicle for transporting crates of whatever to the local farmer's market, or antiques home from an auction, or just getting me back and forth to work with the 4-wheel drive in the snow. I'll probably attend the rally this year if they hold it in Loudonville again.

1 comment:

Beach Girl said...

It's been warm here too, like early spring. With my upcoming move, I am looking forward to spring and a garden in REAL dirt, not sand! :-)


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