Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I've been reading about sustainability, it started at work with some reading I was doing on energy conservation. One link led to another, and pretty soon I was looking at the Wikipedia article on the "triple bottom line".

One way to remember the triple bottom line elements is the three P's - People, Profit, and Planet - or to spell it out more fully, Social Responsibility, economic sustainability, and environmental sustainability.

Aha! Business in the US is waking up! From the "greening" of the North American Auto Show in Detroit to the new web site for the International Institute for Sustainable development to the Gartner Group declaring that this is the year of "Green IT" to new educational programs like the one at Aquinas College, finally, FINALLY, it seems that environmentalists have the ear of business. Is it because of Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize?

It will be interesting to watch to see how many companies really "get it" and how many just give lip service to sustainability.

Of course, we organic gardeners have "gotten it" for a long time. We deserve a pat on the back. But no time to gloat! We have lots of work to do!

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