Thursday, January 24, 2008

Seed company mergers

Since I had my "identity theft" incident a few years ago, I am scrupulous about watching my credit report and credit card statements.

Yesterday, after placing my seed orders, I was surprised to see that Jung Seeds had FOUR entries on my credit card statement! I only placed one order with them, so I called the company to make sure the nightmare wasn't happening again.

As it turns out, Totally Tomatoes, RH Shumway, and Vermont Bean and all "sister companies" (or acquisitions?) of the Jung Seed company. I've always been happy with the seed I get from Jung, so I'm not upset -- but I wondered why I get four different catalogs from the same company.

The customer service representative I spoke with said that the different catalogs typically appeal to different audiences, Shumway is more of a Southern focus, while Vermont Bean usually has more Northern customers.


Anonymous said...

That is nuts! I am tagging you! If you want to play along ckeck out my blog for the rules!

Georgiaberry said...

If you want to do business with a reliable seed company with reasonable prices and ***bonus*** feel good about avoiding big agribusiness, try Fedco. As a second choice try Johnny's.

You tagged me! and I am trying to figure out what to do about it lol! Enjoying your site, so thanks.

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