Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tag, You're It!

I just learned about blog tag: List seven random things about yourself in your blog, then "tag" seven other bloggers by leaving their names in your post, and visiting their blogs and leaving comments for them to find. Once they are it, they do the same, and leave a comment on my blog with their seven taggees. This could spread quickly!

I'll start:

1. I have two daughters and two grandsons. If I can get good pictures I'll post them here.

2. I am married to the nicest man on earth - our five year anniversary is coming up in September.

3. I've worked in IT for 28 years for one of the big three automakers. I'm a certified project manager (PMP), a certified production and inventory manager (CPIM), ITIL Foundations certified, and a certified data processor (CDP). (Yawn...) The system I currently support uses radio communications through the computer to give fork truck drivers information on what they should pick up or drop off.

4. I love to garden (if you read this blog you already know that.)

5. I love to bake. I've got four pies cooling right now for the pie auction at the county fair.

6. I love to knit. I've usually got about 10 projects going, right now I think there are a few more than that.

7. I am a lifetime Girl Scout.

Who are my taggees? Let's see, I'm going to pick by linking through my interests on my blog profile.

OK, got to take the pies to the fair, I'll be tagging you all shortly!


KathyGS said...

I don't think I know seven bloggers.

Oh well, we got the new hot tub cover from the local VitaSpa distributor. They happened to have one in their back room so I took it, defects and all.

As best I can tell, most spa dealers can get covers for you. Just take the measurements of the old cover with you. Plan on paying around $250 - $300.

Bright Meadow Farms said...

Thanks for the spa tip, and for leaving a post on my blog.

I didn't know the seven bloggers I picked until I found them! I used the links feature in my profile.

GardenGoose said...

hey there..just wanted to let you know I'm hostessing another drawing..feel free to join in the fun. I'll have some extras too along with the item you see.

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