Sunday, August 05, 2007

County Fair Report

Lots of competition this year at the fair! I got a second on my rhubarb pie, a third on the black raspberry, a second on the honey-pecan pie, a third on the relish display, a second on the jams and jellies display, and a second on the purse. One first-place ribbon on the french bread - but nothing to brag about, I was the only competitor in that class. Oh well, the competition will only inspire me to improve.

I used Paula Red apples in the apple pie - note to myself, the apples were too "crisp", it needed to bake longer or cook the apples in advance. The cherry pie filling was a little bit too runny.

The zucchini- chocolate layer cake took no awards. This year some of the ladies entered their cakes in Tupperware containers and did not follow the instructions to display on a disposable plate or board and cover with Saran Wrap. The judge's assistant said it was a blessing- it was so much easier to open than the Saran Wrap. I'll have to remember that for next year.

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