Sunday, August 05, 2007

Fair entries

I baked pies for the fair yesterday. Rhubarb, apple, pecan, cherry, and black raspberries. Pies, and a chocolate layer cake, and french bread. Took some jams and jellies and relishes. Probably the relishes will be disqualified because I didn't read the rules carefully enough - I used old-fashioned glass tops, which depending on the judge, may not be considered "safe" enough --- (meaning, they can be used over and over again, so we don't have to buy new lids every year). I took some early and some late tomatoes from my garden - first time I've entered the produce show.

I entered the scarf I knit last fall and the knitting bag (called it a purse) I made out of a recycled thrift-store sweater.

The judging started at 9:00 am and should be over some time soon. It's pouring rain here, so the fairgrounds will be a mess. I'll have to take an umbrella and maybe a raincoat. I'm going to visit my grandmother first - they've moved her from one hospital to another. Then afterwards stop by the fairgrounds and see how my entries did.

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