Monday, July 23, 2007

Slow food. Slow living.

Looked at the Wikipedia article on slow food. Didn't want to join the slow food foundation, as they would like a contribution. Found a link to the slow movement. Here are some suggestions for "the way of slow"

The Slow movement advises some ways of slowing down:

  • Get a Slow hobby, a leisurely pursuit like reading, writing, knitting, yoga, painting or gardening.
  • Spread out your chores; do one load each day instead of all your laundry at once, or dust one day and vacuum the next.
  • Stop watching the clock; on weekends try waking up to your body's natural rhythms rather than an alarm, and leave your watch at home
  • Shop at a farmers' market
  • Prepare a sit-down meal and savour it without watching TV, or reading.
  • Enjoy the conversation if you're dining with others, or peaceful solitude if eating alone.
  • On vacation slow down; don't try to cram every sight into your must-see list. Visit "slow cities" with local restaurants where you can eat slow
  • Prune your to-do list; make time for the people and activities that you enjoy

This sounds like a good list for me!

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