Thursday, July 26, 2007

My grandsons were over tonight - 4 years old and 2 years old. The four-year-old was getting into some trouble (his momma and I and her sister were chatting, and he got bored) so I thought I would take him into the garden and show him a fresh zucchini and some yellow squash. Well, he said they were "ouchy" (they had some spines) and he went off to pick some tomatoes... Mine are still green, so I told him "NO, Aiden, we wait until they turn red.... He thought that was so funny he picked it and threw it like a baseball, up in the air.... And my hysterical reaction "No, No, don't throw it" he thought was extremely amusing, so he picked some more, and tossed them, and ran around the trees -- seven in all before I chased him down and got them away from him....Anyone have a good recipe for green fried tomatoes?

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