Friday, July 20, 2007

I filled out my fair entry form today and faxed it in. Had a good chuckle, looking at the commercially-produced apple varieties from MSU, and then comparing it to the list from our local county fair in Ohio. The varieties here are:

1. Melrose
2. Ruby
3. Red Delicious (ours are Stark's Crimson)
4. Golden Delicious
5. Franklin
6. Maiden Blush
7. Grimes Golden
8. Northern Spy
9. Rome Beauty
10. Melba
11. Banana
12. Jonathan
13. Stayman
14. Ida Red
15. Strawberry
16. Lodi
17. Courtland
18. Crab Apple
19. Any other variety

I've highlighted the varieties on this list that we have at our orchard in green. These are all old varieties. I wonder if our fair varieties need updating? I will search the OSU extension web site for apples to see what they say.

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