Saturday, June 23, 2007

Things just did not work out to go to the farmer's market today. We ended up laying a small patio of paving stones next to the larger one, that has been on the list for months! But today was the perfect day to finish it.

I cannot believe how much everything in the garden has grown in one short week. The rain we got a few days ago really jump-started everything. I saw my first little inch-long zucchinis today, and there are a few tiny tomatoes on the Bloody Butcher tomatoes.

1 comment:

GardenGoose said...

everything here is growing like crazy now too..just had the lawn mowed a few days ago and then had 2 days of rain and already I could bet the lawn has grown 3 inches in just a day! I was hoping to hold off for another week or so before calling the lawn crew to mow it again, but at this rate it will be knee high in no time..ha.
we are finally getting much needed rain so no complaints on that and it is so nice to have lush green grass again insteead of everything being so dry.hope you are having a good week.... a Good weekend to you too.

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