Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bird's-eye view
Reading from left to right - I have 5 rows of various types of lettuce, 4 rows of sweet corn, 1/2 row of cucumbers, 1/2 row of yellow squash, 1 row of zucchini (I'll probably regret it) 1 row of mortgage-lifter tomatoes, 1 row of bloody butcher tomatoes, 1 row of qualiT-23 tomatoes, some sage, some chives, and some rhubarb. In the buckets are Brandy-Boy tomatoes. It has been so dry here, I am watering with a sprinkler. The hairy galinsoga are back- they are peeking out of every single hole I have punched in the fabric, and all around the edges of my garden. At least there's not a million of them this year, only thousands.
I put the trellis up for the cucumbers today. First I drove a fence post, then attached the pre-assembled trellis to the fence post with wire ties (zip-ties).
After I took the photo, I also put up some tomato cages for the QualiT-23 tomatoes, but I will have to trellis the mortgage-lifters and the bloody butchers.
I took this photo from the top of my roof. I climbed the TV antenna. It was about 2 o'clock in the afternoon, and I was barefoot. I forgot that hot asphalt is HOT! I hope the picture is in focus, because I couldn't think of anything else but getting down off that roof!

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