Thursday, May 31, 2007

Yesterday I planted 3 things.. always plant in threes! I planted impatiens around the front of the house, my red morning glories in several locations where they can climb, and then also planted some dill seeds in the holes with my tomato plants. I have read that dill repels tomato hornworms, but also have read that dill and tomato are not good companion plants. No substitute for experience, so I will be finding out for myself.

Today I filled 5 buckets with compost and soil from our compost pile. I used a screen over the buckets as I shoveled them full. My husband made the screen last year from 2x2 lumber screwed together and covered it with rabbit cage wire fence - with 1" x 1/2" holes. I will be planting some tomatoes I didn't have room for in the garden in the buckets. So far I've found five buckets in the garage. He thinks the rest of them are still in the garage. I quit for the day, it is very hot and humid.

We are putting a new roof on the house during our vacation. It is SO HOT. We are working from 6:00 am until 10:00 am on the roof, then knocking off until 6:00 pm and then working again until 9:00. I am really stretching those major muscle groups climbing up and down the TV antenna to get to the roof. (I don't do ladders...)

Good thing the garden is mostly in, because after working on the roof I don't have much energy for gardening. This really makes us appreciate our day jobs!

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