Sunday, May 27, 2007

Two more rows of lettuce, 3 six packs of cilantro, and a row and a half of sweet corn. I still have 9 six packs of cilantro to go. I need to find some more early corn seed tomorrow. I find after sitting on the ground or bending over to plant I am very stiff.

I planted some Silver Queen (an old hybrid) in the same hole as the zucchini yesterday. In a week or so I will plant some pole beans in the same hole. This is the Native American "Three sisters" method of planting. We'll see how it works.

I looked at my trellises from last year today. I will have to stake the tomatoes somehow. Also I need to fill my five-gallon buckets with compost and plant a tomato in each bucket.

Some mixed flower seed went into the mulch in between the Roses of Sharon. Don't know if they'll grow, but at least the seed packages will stop taking up room in the garage. Any flowers will be a bonus!

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