Monday, May 28, 2007

I went three different places this morning before finding EARLY corn seed. The first was a local garden center/greenhouse that has always carried bulk seed in the past. They had two different varieties of corn, but both were 75 days or longer. Then TSC. They only had two different brands of Silver Queen. I've already got Silver Queen here from last year, but it is 85 days! That's a long time away. Finally went to Target. They had ONE packet of Early Choice. So, that's what I got. They also had two different varieties of mid-season corn (75 days) in addition to the Silver Queen. I looked through the Sean Conway (designer?) seeds as well as the Burpee's. The designer seed was higher priced, but mostly it was the same varieties...
Thought you might like some photos. I've got 5 rows of lettuce in the ground so far. The lettuce seems to be loving it so far, although I worry about heat stressing it. It is SO HOT today, I was planting corn and about 12:30 just had to stop - the sun on that black fabric was really just too much. There's no rain forecast for today, but tomorrow there is a 20% chance of thunderstorms. I think I might go ahead and water the corn I just planted and also the lettuce. I decided to just cut slits in the fabric for the corn - Each slit is 12-18 inches long and I planted 4-5 seeds in each slit. Then 4-6 inches between the slits, to keep the fabric together, then another slit. Far off in th edistance you can see my tomato plants, they are loving the heat. I still plan to plant some in 5-gallon buckets again this year.


GardenGoose said...

looks like your garden has begun at a good pace.
I'm sure you'll fill it in quickly. looks like a large area to get planted though.

Bright Meadow Farms said...

Actually it's all just about planted except for the few plants I can slip in between the rows. The shot was taken from a position way down on the ground, so it may look bigger than it is- it is about 30' by 60'. I'll try and get a birds-eye view later.

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