Thursday, May 03, 2007

It is that awful in-between season - the weather is almost warm enough to trick you into planting... but you just know there's going to be at least one more frost. Or a thunderstorm with high winds, or hail.... Today I put my seed trays outside while I was at work, hoping they wouldn't dry out too much and kill all the delicate little seedlings. It's a terrible choice, leave them inside under lights and let them get leggy, or put them out in the wild world where almost anything can happen to them.

I did have a small tray of tomato seedlings - only six - six packs, 36 plants - they were on the back patio on top of the hot tub. Sure enough the wind whipped something, and they fell off the hot tub, just like a piece of buttered toast always falls with the buttered side down- that's what happened to the seedlings, green side down... I scooped them up and rescued about half, hope they live.

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