Monday, May 14, 2007

Finished cutting and layout of the Propex today. I secured it all around with landscape staples, then just to make sure added some paving blocks at intervals. A light breeze was blowing it up and twisting it, so without the pavers I am afraid it would blow away in a thunderstorm.

Planted another tray of lettuce on one side and catnip on the other a few days ago. So far no sprouts. Yesterday my 3-year-old grandson "helped" me water the plants. He is SO PROUD of his watering can. What difference does it make if a few plants get drowned? He is just precious. I hope he is as interested later in weeding as he is in watering!

I planted a flat of Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Purple Basil and Green Basil a few weeks ago. So far very few rosemarys and only a few sages, although everything else came up great. I was hoping for a "Simon and Garfunkel" six-pack for sale at the Farmer's Market this year but that may not work if half the plants from the song are missing!

The weather has been awfully variable. Last night's low was 40, tonight it is supposed to be 58. Tomorrow's high is supposed to be 84! And 80 percent chance of thunderstorms tomorrow night.

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