Sunday, January 21, 2007

Cleaning up I found one more seed catalog I had overlooked. This one is

Wildseed Farms - - exotic garden varieties, herbs
features wildflower mixes for specific regions of the US.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Christmas is past, the feverish rush of sock knitting has slowed down, and it is time to start looking seriously at the seed and gardening catalogs. I promised myself earlier that I would order something from each one, but at the rate they are coming in I don't know if I will be able to afford that or not! Here's what I've gotten so far (no order except maybe reverse chronological of date received): I've included the "tagline" if it is conveniently posted on the outside of their catalog.

Farmtek Grower's Supply - - we are the leading manufacturer of fabric structures and greenhouses
American Nurseryman - - books software DVD's videos
Raintree Nursery - - The best old and new fruit trees, berries and unusual edibles from around the world
Henry Fields - - includes varieties especially adapted to southern climates
Gurney's - - America's most complete seed and nursery company
Abundant Life Seeds - -protecting the genetic diversity of rare and endangered seeds since 1975
Gardens Alive! - - Environmentally responsible products that Work!
A.M. Leonard - - Horticultural Tool and Supply company -All these pros have one thing in common- they all rely on professional grade supplies guaranteed by A.M. Leonard!
Seeds of Change - - 100% Certified Organic Seeds - A feast for the senses
Grandma's Garden (Underwood Gardens) - - a compendium of hard-to-find, open-pollinated and heirloom seeds
Wood Prairie Farm - The Maine potato catalog direct from our organic family farm
Totally Tomatoes - Long before purple, yellow and pink gormet tomatoes started appearing in supermarkets, they showed up on the pages of Totally Tomatoes
Pinetree Garden Seeds - - Over 900 Seed varieties - Bulbs, plants, tubers, garden books, and garden products
Territorial Seed Company - - Seeds and plants for wherever you live - vegetable, Flower and Herb seeds, premium plants, growing supplies
Burpee - - Discover over 60 NEW products inside
Jung - - "We are firm believers of the principle that no firm is or can be a success unless humanity or the country is bettered by its having existed...Our business is our pleasure, profit alone is not our only aim....... (It is their 100 year anniversary this year) Your complete home garden catalog.
Thompson & Morgan - - Quality English Seeds since 1855
Shumway's - - free seeds for orders by 3-15-07

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