Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sugarless jams and jellies. Some of my family members are diabetic, some are overweight, and some are on Sugar Busters diet. So my plan to supply jams and jellies for Christmas gifts is probably not realistic unless I include some sugarless jams. I found some recipes on the Splenda web site for jams. I considered using stevia but seem to remember someone saying it doesn't hold up well with heat processing or long storage, so that might not work, although I found several recipes on the Internet. Mother Earth News had an article on Making Low-Sugar Jams and Jellies in the June/July 2006 issue, and I learned that I must use a different type of pectin for making jam with low-sugar or honey. So I'll be off to the health food store for some low-methoxyl pectin. Hope the fruit doesn't spoil before I get everything together - maybe I should just freeze it for now.

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