Saturday, September 30, 2006

I have grapevine wreaths! took them out of the garage and tagged them for sale. I made these standing in the orchard this summer while picking raspberries - seeing these grapevines strangling the trees is distressing, but I never seem to have tools (like a chainsaw!) with me when I go raspberry picking. So each wreath is one or more vines pulled down out of a tree and wrapped while still green. I believe a reasonable price is is 50 cents for each inch of diameter of the wreath, they range from 14 inch diameter up to 28 inches. Here are a few closeup pictures of representative samples, you can click on them to see a bigger picture. They are very rustic, they have not been treated with any varnish or chemicals.

My plan is to sell these at the last farmer's market of the season locally. Internet sales would necessarily include shipping costs.

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