Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Michigan Fiber Festival is over- whelming. There are so many vendors, so many beautiful animals, so many types of fibers, looms, spinning wheels, dyes, yarns, roving, books, jewelry, buttons....I even found coned yarn for my knitting machine. The weather alternated between rainy and muggy and quite overcast, but there was a nice breeze blowing so it wasn't too awful. There was definitely a rainbow or two- the hand-painted skeins of yarn were just wonderful. In spite of my resolution to look over everything before purchasing anything, on my way in I found a roving in just the shade of cornflower blue that I love - I snapped it up before someone else could get it. So much for resolutions!

I spied a purse that was just adorable on the wall at Zeilinger's booth. They very nicely allowed me to take a photo with my cell phone camera. It was marked $90. Of course my farmgirl instincts say "You can make that! It is just a pair of thrift store blue jeans cut off at the waist and then some old sweaters that have been felted and all sewn together!

But, the question is, will I actually make it? Or would this be another UFO? (Unfinished object) Between the shopping for the magnetic snap, cutting a lining, felting, sewing, making the twisted cord for the snap, there is quite a bit of labor involved in that little purse!

If I had had a rabbit cage with me I would have come home with some of the beautiful Angora rabbits there.

I really liked this booth. The hutch they used for display is a mustardy yellow - as were the booth signs. At the edges of the booth were a couple of rabbit grooming stands with a display of scented beeswax sheep. The pillows on the chair had cushions the same mustardy yellow color. The floor had cedar shavings spread, which wafted the aroma of cedar throughout the booth. Everything about that booth said, "Come in - spend some time looking over our merchandise!" I am sorry that the camera in my phone did not do a better job of capturing their display.

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