Saturday, August 05, 2006

Just look at the damage a tomato hornworm can do! At least I think that is what is eating my plants. I found two yesterday, the first was about an inch long and as big around as a bamboo skewer - the second was two and a half inches long and as big as a pencil. I wish I had taken their pictures before their demise. They are really strong - they seem to have suction cup feet and they really plant them on the stem of the plant.

These nasty little chompers not only eat the tomato fruits. By the way they are rude little things too, eating only half the fruit before moving on to the next one. They also defoliate the whole plant, seemingly overnight. The plant in the photo was lush and beautiful, like the one behind it, just yesterday. Now, it has two stems of leaves. Six of my tomato plants are showing some signs of damage. I know that there are more of the worms out there, because the damage continues, but I can't seem to find them. They are the same exact color of the stem of the plant. Dad claims they can get four or five inches long. I am afraid to meet up with one that size!

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