Sunday, August 06, 2006

Earlier today I put some oil in the pan on the stove, turned it on, put some potatoes in the microwave, checked on the lamb chops roasting in the oven, went to the garden to get a zucchini. Ha! That was not a good idea. I came back in to find the smoke alarm going off, black smoke on the wall and the cupboards and the vent. Luckily no fire, I didn't use a lot of oil, maybe a tablespoon, so when it burned up there wasn't anything left to burn. I swear I was only out there 5 minutes, well, maybe it was 10... E doesn't know yet as he is entertaining cousins at the farm in Michigan. Maybe I can wallpaper the kitchen before he gets home?

I am going to buy one of those timers you can hang around your neck on a cord. Set it for 3 minutes when I go to the garden. Time passes so quickly there.

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