Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Today I mailed the entry form for the county fair. I entered 9 pies, 1 machine-knitted apron, a handmade purse, a grapevine wreath, honey quick bread, honey muffins, black raspberry jam, and a collection of handmade soap.

Now I've got a deadline to get those things made! The apron is already done, and I've got the grapevine part of the wreath done. I've got a few soaps made (honey and goat's milk) but I will probably need to think about the variation in shapes and sizes of what I have already done and maybe make some different "flavors" in the same molds.

I've got the black raspberries for the jam picked and frozen, and two of the pies are to be black raspberries, too. I can do the jam this weekend. I can't believe how quickly fair is coming up! Traditionally it signals the end of summer, and I don't feel like summer has even really arrived yet, since it has been so cool.

Last night after filling out the entry form, I got inspired to start cutting and sewing a table skirt for the farmer's market. I started at 10:00 and finished after 12:30... So much for my intentions to go into work early today.

It is still raining. I am sure we got another 2 inches, or more, today. I am resting up after my labors last night. Can't pull the weeds when it is pouring down! I did go out and look - saw that the green beans are ready. I picked a handful but was getting soaked so let the rest go until tomorrow.

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