Sunday, July 16, 2006

Friday night it stormed again, thunder and lightning. We took a ride during the storm to Bellville to see if the town square was under water - I didn't want to lug all my equipment to the farmer's market if it was flooded. Luckily it appeared that there hasn't been a flood yet.

I didn't have too much in the way of vegetables since it has been raining all week, and the time I have spent in the garden has mostly been to pull weeds. The beets are still too small, and the lettuce has mostly bolted although there are some buttercrunch heads that are small but still tender. The 90-degree heat has been murder on the lettuce.

Traffic was light at the market, but the surprise of the day was that my mother-in-law came to see me! She drove down to have my husband repair the window mechanism in the car, but it apparently fixed itself on the way. So they decided to visit the farmer's market for entertainment. She loaded up on vegetables at the Amish farmer's table across from me (does he buy his produce wholesale? It seems way too early to have such big squash and cabbages, but the bee man said he's been to his farm and he does have early produce...) and she also bought some of my soap - I tried to give it to her but she insisted on paying.

The other highlight of the day was that I took my spinning wheel along to occupy me if it wasn't too busy - The Amish teenagers are very interested in the spinning wheel, which surprises me since their wardrobes don't seem to have much place for knitted or crocheted goods. Maybe they are taking notes so they can build spinning wheels to sell to the English! I wish I had a photo of me demonstrating spinning to the Amish!

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